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Viva Translate helps people around the world communicate across English, Spanish, and Portuguese in real time. Save time on meeting notes & translations with Viva.

Viva Translate for Professionals.

The modern way to communicate, from subtitles to meeting summaries.

How it works.

Viva Translate allows you to translate Google Meets calls in real time.

All your meeting notes are saved automatically in one place.

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Experience the magic

You'll instantly see your meeting translations & transcriptions.

Keep everyone aligned and on schedule with real-time subtitles.

Auto-generated subtitle translations to keep everyone on the same page during calls, all at once.

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End meetings faster and automate workflows.

Save more time with automatically generated meeting summaries, transcripts, & export options to fit your productivity needs.

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Built for global teams.

Help people easily communicate across different languages.

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How our customers use Viva to power their companies.

"I spent the past four years attempting to coordinate teams from Ukraine to Zimbabwe to Pakistan. Being able to communicate directly with the engineers with Viva changes how I work."

– David Levesque, Founder @Brite

"When I started having meetings with people from other countries, they were talking so fast I couldn't understand. Having the ability to see the translations in real-time has helped me tremendously with communication!"

– Alexandra Rodriguez, Performance and growth marketer freelance

"I found the speech-to text-conversion to be quite accurate and the translation very understandable. You can have fluent conversations."

– Gustavo Moreno,

CTO @Kiwi

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