Video calls that work across languages.

Translate and transcribe in real-time across English, Spanish, & Portuguese for free👇

Viva explained in less than 2 minutes:

How Viva works:

1. Add Viva to Chrome

After adding Viva, the extension will show up as soon as you join a Google Meets meeting.

2. Join Google Meets call

Viva works on any Google Meets call, whether there is 1 or 100 people, just like this:

3. See & speak across languages!

Instantly start seeing what is said in the call! You can also send translated messages in the chat so others can understand you.

Viva's Features

Understand what others are saying in the call

See a live transcript of what is said in the call!

You'll see this box below:

Let others in the meeting understand what you're saying in the Google Meets chat

If you'd like, send messages in Google Meets's native chat that are instantly transcribed and translated.

What our users say 💫

"This is the most helpful tool I've seen all year." - Entrepreneur

"This is great for communicating with my team based in the US."

Software Engineer

"It feels like magic. It is faster than anything I've seen for translating."


"It is so accurate. I've never seen translations so accurate."


Accurate translations during your meeting.

Who is Viva Translate?

We are a tech startup based throughout the US, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, & Brazil. Our team helps people work better across countries!

Any questions? Reach out to [email protected]

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